What I Plan To Read: August 2016

I have set myself quite an ambitious challenge this month in terms of reading. All of these novels are recent purchases that I am extremely excited about. Three of them are 2016 releases that I so badly wanted to get the chance to read before the school year starts. I decided not to do a July Wrap-Up post but instead do a Summer Wrap-Up. It will be a cumulative post on all the books that I have read this summer and will be posted on the last Friday of this month. I don't know if I am going to get to all of these books this month but I will try my best and see how it goes! Without further ado, let's get into my August TBR!

The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson:
I purchased I'll Give You the Sun by the same author a few months ago because of all the hype it was getting. After I picked it up I realized that she had another book that was published and when I read the synopsis I was immediately intrigued. This book is about a girl named Lennie Walker, who is a book lover and a clarinet player-- the total opposite of her older sister, Bailey. She has always lived happily in her sister's shadow but when her sister dies unexpectedly she finds herself in the spotlight of her own life. She struggles with her love life (which was non-existent until now) as she spends her time with two boys: Tony, Bailey's boyfriend, as well as, Joe, the new boy in town from Paris who shares her love of music. Both boys are essential in her life and bring different things to the table but ultimately she can't have both. Who will she choose and what will be the consequences? I have heard amazing things about Jandy Nelson's writing so I can't wait to pick this one up!

Buy the book here.

One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid:
I am always on the lookout for a good romance novel and I have had my eyes on this one for months. I was so excited to find out that my aunt, Sue, bought this and feature it on her website. She let me borrow it and I was so grateful. Due to the fact that I was in the middle of a series I was trying to finish I didn't get around to reading it last month. Hopefully, this month will not be the same as this book sounds very interesting. It contains a main character named Emma Blair, who married her high school sweetheart, Jesse, in her twenties. They build a life together away from their parents and the people of their hometown. On their first wedding anniversary, Jesse goes missing whilst on a helicopter over the Pacific and is lost forever. Emma is forced to put her life back together without her beloved husband. She moves back home and starts her life over. Years later, she runs into an old friend, Sam, and finds herself being able to fall in love again. They get engaged and she is finally happy again until Jesse is found. Now, with a husband and a fiance she is left with a big decision..who is her one true love? Sounds incredible and drama-filled, right?! 

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Signs of You by Emily France:
I won't lie...this book definitely caught my eye because of its cover. It is absolutely gorgeous and so colourful that I just had to know what it was about. This is about a girl named Riley Strout who lost her mother two years ago. She sought and found comfort within her family and the grief support group she joined in her first year of high school. Her friends: Jay, Kate, and Noah, understand her pain as they have all lost someone they loved too. One day, Riley thinks she sees her mother in a grocery store and is fearful that she is suffering from post-traumatic stress. That is, until Jay and Kate experience the same situation. Noah is the only one who hasn't seen his loved one and becomes skeptical and begins to distance himself from the group. Unexpectedly, Noah disappears and Riley worries that she is going to lose another loved one. As she and her friends begin to search for him they become entangled in a mystery and learn clues about the afterlife. Riley finds herself having feelings for both Jay and Noah and realizes that the only way to help those she loves is to mend things with the one she's lost... This book sounds so captivating as it has romance (which is my favourite genre) and mysteriousness to it as well. 

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It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover:
Of course I had to buy this book as Colleen is my all-time favourite author. I have heard that it is best to go into this book blind so I will not write a synopsis for this reason. Though knowing Colleen, it is bound to be an absolutely gut-wrenching, heart-soaring, mind-twisting, explosive romance novel that I will not be able to stop thinking about. People have been saying that it is her best writing piece yet so I have extremely high hopes and I don't think that I'll be let down. 

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The Oh She Glows Cookbook by Angela Liddon:
I am so excited and ready to dive into this! Although I am not vegan I am definitely interested in eating more plant-based foods and just healthier food in general. I shared my health issues in my Healthy Breakfast Ideas post and since then I can say that I have been eating much better despite last week. I struggled a bit with my temptations and ate 2 croissants, 1 banana bread slice, 1 baked apple pie from McDonalds, and half an apple turnover in one week. As you can imagine, I felt super icky after that. I have been trying to get rid of all the unhealthy substances that I ate and work on eating healthy again. Don't get me wrong-- it's not like I'll never eat these treats ever again. I plan to eat them in moderation instead of the crazy sugar addict I can be at times. My body needs sugar as well as other nutrients so I would never deprive myself of having a nice and decadent treat. I am looking forward to perusing this cookbook and making some of these recipes for myself and my family!

Buy the book here.

Now...Onto the Kindle Books.


Buy the books here and here.

Whew! I am almost done with this series and it feels really good. Not that I want it to end but since it is a ten book series I'm pretty proud of myself that I only have 2 more left. Seeing as though this is series, I won't write any summaries so I won't spoil you. What I will say is that Long Way Down is about Ryke and Daisy's relationship and Some Kind of Perfect is the epilogue of the whole series. Ryke and Daisy are my absolute favourite couple because they're just so wild, fun, and carefree. However, I really love Lily and Loren's and Rose and Connor's relationship as well. They're all so amazing, have such different and unique traits, and their love for one another is so evident and beautiful that it's hard to decide which relationship I prefer. I think I might get around to reading these two novels first and then I'll carry on with the other novels I mentioned in this post. I am so excited and seriously hope I get to the majority of these books this month. I really hope you enjoyed this post and get some reading inspiration and pick up some of the books I featured. Have a wonderful day and see you next week! xx

love xena


  1. I cannot wait to get your feedback on the above novels once you have read them.

  2. Wow Xeens, I am intrigued with all your book selections for reading this month (again!). You are such a voracious reader and it's gotten me into turning the pages and making some seriously quiet reading time. From a numbers girl, that's a super big deal so thanks for sharing your reading and book passions. Can't wait to read and dig through Angela Liddon's 'The Oh She Glows Cookbook' being such a shameless carnivore! Thanks babe! xx


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