Weekly Favourites #1


I went to Baskin-Robbins with my mom on the weekend and I tried their new flavour BeaverTails Pastry in a waffle cup with Oreo bits as my topping. It was crazy, out-of-this-world amazing! It's a cinnamon flavoured ice cream with gooey caramel and fried dough mixed in with it. *Sigh* This is my new favourite flavour besides Cookies 'n Cream which is my ultimate favourite flavour from Baskin-Robbins. I would definitely recommend trying this before it's too late!


I randomly felt like baking this week and I was really in the mood for some carrot cake cupcakes, so that's exactly what I did! I picked up some Betty Crocker Super Moist Carrot Cake Mix and poured into a cupcake pan and used Betty Crocker French Vanilla Deluxe Frosting to frost my cupcakes. They came out super moist and spongy and stayed that way for days! Also, topped with the french vanilla frosting-- heavenly! It turned out to be a great hit as my family loved it so much. Since my aunt Sue's birthday is coming up soon, she asked me to make it again for the celebration. I don't blame her-- they're very addicting!  


This might be my favourite thing I've completed this week. I always look forward to reading Colleen Hoover's books since she's my favourite author. I've read so many of her works already and always find that I'm never disappointed with what she releases. This book is so powerful, truthful, important, and puts things into perspective as well. This is some of her most honest writing and is probably my favourite book she's ever written. I truly recommend this to everyone. If you only read one of her books, choose this one. I seriously can't stop thinking about it since the day I finished it. This is on a totally other level regarding her other books and I just can't wait for her next release as always. 


This show... I've heard a lot of buzz regarding this series lately and I've wanted to check it out for myself for some time. I thought it would be too scary so I ended up avoiding it. That was until my aunt, Sue, said she finished all 8 episodes within a few days and that it was really good and not as scary as I was thinking it to be. On Wednesday night, we started watching it and I was immediately hooked. It's about a boy named Will, who goes missing one night after racing one of his friends home. As his mother, friends, and the police department go searching after him they start to unravel extraordinary mysteries that involve secret government experiments, supernatural forces, and a peculiar little girl. I have 3 episodes left to go but I am holding off until my aunt comes back next week so we can binge watch the rest on her birthday. I would recommend watching this if you are into sci-fi or just looking for a new and interesting show to watch. 


Lastly, this is the playlist I've been listening to on repeat all week. I'm so obsessed with all of these songs and most of them are sung by my favourite artists (Imagine Dragons and Broods). I love music so much and I find that it's something I always reach for when I want to relax or be productive (chores, homework, etc). I hope you enjoy this playlist I made on my Spotify!

 I hope you had a great week as well and try out some of the things I mentioned in this post. Enjoy your weekend and have a Happy Friday! 

love xena


  1. Yaas! Isn't Stranger Things so addicting? I can't wait for Season 2 now that it's a definite go for 2017. And since that Beaver Tails Pastry ice cream looks like it could give me diabetes I think I'll pass, but yes 110% most definitely carrot cake cupcakes are a must for this upcoming week. Your carrot cake cupcakes are the best I've tasted yet doll, soft, moist and sooo spongy! Yum... can't wait! And thanks for the book-- weekend reading ready! xx


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