How to Be Successful This School Year

With school starting tomorrow I thought posting this would help anyone who needed some tips for this upcoming school year. I find these three tips really help me stay focused and motivated to finish my homework, as well as stay consistent during the school term. So, without further ado... here are some of my tips!!

Use a planner to write down homework, important dates, projects that are due in the future and after school activities. I usually write in mine everyday during the first few months but after that I tend to get lazy and stop writing in it altogether. What a waste of paper! I highly recommend at least trying to write in it everyday if you are anything like me. It helps organize your life out better, especially if you are taking multiple courses. I like to highlight subjects different colours so I know which one is which and put a check mark beside the tasks I've completed. This helps keep track of what's done and what I still need to finish. 

This is my after-school routine for this school year. This is a really good tip as it helps me monitor how much time I spend on recreational activities and when I should start buckling down to start my homework. I find that when I stay focused and try to get as much work done as soon as possible, I have more time for myself to watch TV or read my book. It also helps because I can go to bed at a reasonable time instead of staying up late, rushing to finish homework that could've been completed already if I'd just started earlier.

Find some inspiration! I find that I start to lose motivation once the excitement of the first month ends. I love going on Pinterest or Tumblr and finding motivational pictures to help me feel more motivated to finish my homework and be better in school. This can get a bit tricky because I find myself pinning and reblogging more than doing my homework sometimes... It's still great though if you are feeling a bit uninspired!

I hope you enjoyed this post and have a great school week! Have a great day and maybe use some of the tips I mentioned in this post. 

love xena


  1. Great tips Xena; love these. I use a calendar-type planner where I get to view the entire month on one page, see what's upcoming for the week, plan the details out in a balanced manner, and check completed to-dos off as the month progresses. Yes, we all need inspiration and you've shared two great sites that I also enjoy. Have a fantastic school year. You sure deserve it! xx

    1. Thanks Sutz! Also, add the comments section back on your blog. I want to write on your posts!


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