Happy Easter!

Easter manicure: Essie Gel Couture nail polish in...
 Dress Call (light purple) 
First View (baby blue) 
 Haute to Trot (pretty pink) 

Beautiful spring bouquet

Lindt Chocolate Easter Chick 

Oooh! I wonder what's inside? 

My momma's Easter gift to me!

My new stuffed animals! I'm going to put them on my bookshelf!

Close up of these goregous light purple flowers and baby's breath 

Chocolate cake with raspberry filling

I hope you all had a great Easter and long weekend! I'll see you soon with a new post. Keep safe, happy, and healthy!

love xena 


  1. Hi babes, So happy you had a great Easter. It was beyond lovely and awesome that we all were able to get-together and enjoy these chilled, carefree days. Love your spring-posh nails-- adorbs. As usual, Mom gift-wrapped like crazy, cozy treats for everyone. The Black Tie cake is still delish two days later and on the last serving of dinner leftovers now. You are nailing your book reading goals! :) When is she cooking again? I have no dinner for tomorrow. lol Love you & see you soon! xx

    1. I had the bestest time with you girlie! I'm glad you like my nails! Maybe you should try the new range on your toes for the summer. And can you expect anything less from momma--her presentation is always a 10/10! Thanks for the cake girlie 'twas sooo good. I had some last night #positivelydelish. I know girl! I'm on a roll with ze books. New post coming sooon!! Lol you are too funny. Love you and see you on Saturday! xx


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