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Hello there! Today's post is all about ways to reduce stress and letting yourself relax. I was just thinking about how stressed out I was getting because of all my school assingments and exams. I wanted to compile a list of a few things that help me when I feel stressed. I hope you feel these helpful and comment your recommendations for stress relievers down below! 

Music is probably the thing I turn to most when I want to de-stress. It's so easy to just put on your favourite song and get caught up in the music and feel immediately relaxed. I love listening to instrumental music when I read because lyrics can get confusing and I get easily distracted. I love Sway, Sway by Heinali because it just instantly calms me. I find it's simplicity so soothing. Constantly hitting the replay button! 

Tea is the most relaxing beverage besides hot chocolate. It starts your day, settles your stomach, can energize you as well as make you sleepy. Tea has so many benefits and I love drinking it every morning. In the past months or so I've been leaning towards Birthday Cake Tea by David's Tea. If you are from Canada then you know that David's Tea is basically like Teavana. They sell all different kinds of teas; the possibilities are endless! Birthday Cake Tea tastes exactly how it sounds. It's not overly sweet and is the perfect way to start the morning and end the day. 

Something I love to do on Fridays or on the weekend is to put on a face mask. It feels so refreshing and makes my skin so soft and clean. I was trying to find good masks for acne since I tend to breakout on my face. I kept seeing Lush Mask of Magnaminty Face and Body Mask being recommended so I wanted to try it. Lush is a handmade cosmetics store that sells everything from shower gels to lotions to makeup. They use natural ingredients which is why I really like this brand. I've purchased from Lush in the past and have been very impressed and satisfied with their products. The Mask of Magnaminty is very refreshing (minty in the title) and I feel squeaky clean after I'm done. It makes my skin so soft and really helps with breakouts. Try this if you struggle with breakouts or want a nice face mask! Putting on a mask is so relaxing because you keep your face still and it make you feel so clean. For me, feeling clean is the best solution to feeling stressed. 

I love to freshen my room and breathe in warm and inviting smells, especially while I'm reading. Candles are so relaxing because their glow creates a calming atmosphere and there are so many different scents to choose from. I've purchased so many candles this month (oopsie) but I've been leaning towards Berry Waffle Cone by Bath and Body Works the most. The notes in this candle are Sweet Summer Berries, Golden Waffle Cone, Creamy Vanilla. Doesn't that sound delicious? It smells incredible. The throw is so strong it fills up small rooms like mine in a few minutes and are also great for larger rooms. 

Something I want to start doing more of is yoga and guided meditation. I've tried both of them previously and enjoyed them. I created a playlist of yoga and guided meditation videos to assist me since I do not know many yoga poes besides child's pose and downward dog. I really look forward to practicing yoga especially so I know how to do the different poses without watching videos. I recommend trying yoga and guided meditaion at home since it is very grounding, relieves stress, and calms your body. 

In my Winter Esssentials post I talked about the Fireplace Channel. Since it is summer I decided to choose the Sunset Channel which is another favourite of mine. It is so relaxing to hear the the birds, the wind, the waves crashing on the shore and feeling like you're on the beach. I love taking a nap and listening to this in the background. If you have Rogers it is on channel 206. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post and found these tips useful. Have a great day and wonderful weekend! See you soon with a new post.

love xena


  1. haha, I got your message. Wild(er) night(!) Lovely post as usual and thanks so much for the Heinali share with 'Sway, Sway'. I love this track with the lower and higher octave interplay; already downloaded for my travels back up to you soon. Heinali is actually from the Ukraine which is such a neat find. One of the guys in our sister office is from the Ukraine and he's such a nice and honest gent. We love our spa day mask-ing day(s) :) and anything waffle cone, all lit up to go sounds perfect right about now. Please save me a whiff as it's sold out this side! Looking forward to hearing more about your ~yoga~ experience. To reduce any stress, potential or otherwise, I put a lot of focus into my eating and avoid gluten and certain types of corn (dosha don'ts haha) as much as possible + start the day with a glass of room temperature water first thing before my a.m. coffee. Spending time by the water, taking naps, and getting extra zzz'z help whenever I feel stretched although I enjoy all that I do which in and of itself is a blessing and I never take that for granted. A good laugh with a funny sitcom (I love Frasier) seals the day. I need to do more aerobics as that is good too, really lacking there so have to sort that out in a better way as I prefer working out at home. I think it's all about creating a happy balance that works for you, and keeping a positive circle of decent, honest and down-to-earth family, friends, and work group to stay medication-free. Enjoyed this stop and think post. See you soon, miss ya babes! xo

    1. Thanks for sharing what makes you feel relaxed! I'll save you a whiff of the candle for sure. I need to by another one! It's my new favourite. See you soon girl.


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