My Travels: St. Martin/St. Maarten

On the Plane

Waiting to board

Gi and I on the plane

Watching Beauty and the Beast for the second time

Up in the air!

Look at all the puffy clouds! 

Opi Kitty White

Landing above Airport Beach!

Driving to the Hotel

On the bridge to get to the French side 

We've arrived at the French Side!

The Hotel

Look at this light! Reminds me of the Marbella (Jane The Virgin) 

My bed

View from the balcony

Entrance to the courtyard from the lobby

Lots of palm trees. We aren't in Canada anymore!

The beach!

Testing out the water on the first day. One of the best beaches ever!

Beach and mountains

Iguana in the pool! They are everywhere on the resort but especially in the Marina

Sunset by the beach

The sunsets are soooo beautiful here

Night time by the cabanas 

We met the sweetest little cat at the hotel. We named him Luke and fed him at night. Such a sweetie pie! He runs like a puppy towards us and rolls over to show us his belly (a sign of trust). He loves to be touched. We miss him so much <3

Sunshine coming through our window

Outside the hotel. So beautiful.

The courtyard. You can see the different paths that will take you around the hotel.

On the Tour

Going souvenir shopping on the French Side

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wrap with Sweet potato Fries and Mac and Cheese with a Strawberry Daquri for lunch!

This beautiful shallow beach the tour guide took us to. You can walk all the way to that green area and the water still won't reach your waist.

Airport Beach

Last stop of the tour: Orient beach


My aunt and I decided to go on the Billy Bones Boatcharters after a couple we met at the hotel said it was amazing. We don't regret it one bit. If you go to St. Maarten/St. Martin this is something you should definitely considering doing. They take you to some of the nicest beaches in Anguilla and you also get a really great lunch at a restaurant at one the stops. It was the highlight of the whole vacation for me. It was truly amazing to be on a speedboat in the ocean with the water splashing you in the face (sit in the back if you want to get splashed). Our captain was Nicholas and his co-captain was Eric. They were so kind and helpful. They made the experience even better, honestly. One of the best things I've ever done in my life. Highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend!

Arrived in Anguilla! The water is crystal clear. So beautiful

The speedboat also took us to Sandy Island which is surrounded by beautiful water and has pinkish sand!

Last Day

Saying goodbye to Lukey Pooky!

Cool camel in the airport's chocolate section 

Goodbye St. Martin/St.Maarten

Reading Harry Potter on the plane ride home

We have arrived. Hello Canada!

I hope you enjoyed today's post. Tons of pictures and some cool videos! We had a really great time and definitely want to go back. We stayed at the Riu Palace St. Martin and it was so nice as you can see from the pictures. The beach was amazing and we felt so safe and relaxed. This is a great place to travel to if you want to go somewhere warm especially during the winter months. Anyways, I hope you all had a great day today and have a great week ahead. See you soon with a new post!

love xena


  1. Happy you had a great time! Well-deserved! Love the this and that match with the camel and your nail colour. RIU always feels home-y. :)

    1. I really did! Omg I did not even realized they matched. And it sure does. Great resort.


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