February Favourites

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed the month of February. It was super busy for me with 3 tests, and essay, and homework to do. However, amongst all the busyness of the month I did enjoy a lot of things I would love to share with you. If you want to find out what they are, just keep reading!


I came across Sabrina Claudio's music on Spotify because it was recommended to me. I have been listening to a lot of R&B this month and it is just the perfect music for relaxing and doing homework. I am seriously obsessed with her music. She has such a unique style and if you love Sade you will love Sabrina's sound. I have been listening to her albums Confidently Lost and About Time nonstop. My favourite songs from Confidently Lost are: Runnin' Thru Lovers, Tell Me, and I Don't. My favourite songs from About Time are: Belong To You (feat. 6lack) [Remix], Unravel Me, Wanna Know, Frozen, Wait, and Stand Still

Ignite by RKCB was recommended to me on Spotify and I was immediately addicted to it. Like I said earlier I have been finding a lot of good R&B music and this song makes me want to find even more songs similar to this one. 

The Launch is a new show on CTV where unsigned emerging music artists are mentored by a panel consisting of singers and producers to launch an original song. My favourite launched single and I think everyone's favourite is Ain't Easy by Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine. I have not heard a voice that sounds like Jamie's; it is so unique. I love their friendship and this song will definitely launch their career because it is so catchy and just plain incredible. Also, the live performance was great. It's always telling when an artist can sing well live and not just in the studio. 

Four years ago I was obsessed with The Paper Kites EP, Woodland. I listened to it on repeat and since then I haven't listened to any of their new music. Well, after I finished The Hating Game by Sally Thorne--which is one of my all-time favourite books I read last month--I checked out her Spotify to find a playlist inspired by her book. I started listening to her Writing playlist to see what she listens to when she writes and 99% of it consists of The Paper Kites album, twelvefour. I am obsessed with this album. I listen to it when I study, read, write, or just want to relax. I absolutely recommend listen this album if you love indie folk and folk rock music. My favourite songs off the album are: Bleed Confusion, Electric Indigo, Revelator Eyes and Holes (this is an outtake from the album but I love it so much).

I heard The Night We Met by Lord Huron back when I watched Thirteen Reasons Why and it played during the school dance scenes in the show. I loved Ends of the Earth by Lord Huron in the past so when I heard this one I instantly fell in love. I love how soothing this song is and the beautiful lyrics. I love finding and listening to indie music so I will definitely check out more of Lord Huron's songs. 

I really enjoyed songs from First Aid Kit's previous albums Stay Gold and The Lion's Roar and their new album, Ruins, released last month. I love this style of their music. I'm a fan of the indie folk genre and I love how the sisters' voices blend together and make each song sound so unique. They are a great duo and I hope they will get even more recognition. My favourite songs off their new ablum are Fireworks and Distant Star.


Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern has been my read for the month. Love, Rosie (the adaptation of this book) is one of my all-time favourite movies and out of the blue I just decided I wanted to read the book. This book takes place over the course of almost 50 years and I really feel like I’ve experienced so much with these characters. It was a wonderful novel that really reminds you to take advantage of each and every day and to follow your dreams despite all the obstacles in your way. I enjoyed reading it so much. Now having read it, I realize they did change some things in the movie but it's still my favourite. I recommend reading the book and watching the movie. The writing is so funny and the format of the book is so interesting as it is told through letters, instant messages, and emails. The actors in the movie portray the characters so well and it's such a joy reading a great book and it having a great adaptation because that is very rare. 

TV Shows:

I haven been watching Grown-ish this month and it is seriously so funny. I didn't really watch Black-ish before watching this show but I kind of want to now! It follows Zoey who is navigating her way through college, friendships, relationships, and adulthood. I recommend watching this if you want to have a laugh. 

My mom and I have been enjoying our weekends by watching the new season of Home Town. Season 2 has been on the air since January and I love it even more than the first season. Ben and Erin put so much love and hard work into the houses and really make them feel like a home. They announced that they have been renewed for a third season and I'm already so excited! I'm so happy for them and maybe Helen (their new baby girl) will appear in season 3. You need to watch this show if you love home renovations! 

I binge watched The Fosters Season 5b over the long weekend and I'm just so sad this show is coming to a close. I have loved this show since I was 13 and and now I'm 17 and it is like I grew up with this show. It tackles so many different themes like family, friends, relationships, LGBTQ, and foster care to name a few. I highly recommend this to you if you haven't watched it. It is truly one of the best TV shows ever made. 


My Aunt Gi bought this CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat and I am obsessed. It makes my nails shine, keeps them well protected in the cold weather, prevents breakage and helps maintain my nail length. I love it so much and last week I paired it with Essie's Hi Maintenance. It made my nails look so clean and well-kept and I love long healthy nails. Definitely try out this out!


My mom couldn't find the usual chips she buys me from Costco so instead she bought Kirkland Sweet Potato Chips. I have had sweet potato chips in the Terra assorted exotic vegetable snack and from the brand Food That Should Taste Good but never from Kirkland. I love how salty and crunchy it is. I think it taste the most authentic out of all the sweet potato chips.

I hope you all enjoyed today's post! Have a wonderful day and rest of your week. I'll see you soon with a new post.

love xena


  1. Oh, lots of great stuff here. I will be checking out that CND's top coat as I love and have two of their pastel pink colors #Strawberry Smoothie-- and have been wanting to invest in a good top coat as long as it doesn't stain my nails. I saw a snip of Grown.ish and had a good laugh too. So much to watch on tele, so hard to keep up. You introduced me to the Fosters a few years back and it still makes me cry; such a great family show. Loving RKCB's track Ignite-- so mellow. Thanks for sharing these Xee, lots to enjoy (as usual) see you soon Ms. Philosophy, and congrats again! Love you xx Mrs. Scarlet haha

    1. Yes! It will also help grow your nails as long as mine lol! I agree. So much TV so little time. Glad you love the song. I knew you would b/c it's totally you. Thanks Sue! Love you <3


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