Spring Favourites

Hello everyone! I know I haven't been very active on my blog recently (more like the past few months). School is so crazy this year. It's just assignment after assignment, test after test, and now ISU after ISU and exam prep. To say I'm exhausted and stressed is an understatement. However, blogging takes away that stress for a while and I really missed it so I decided to carve out the time to put up a post. Since I have missed March and April Favourites and it's now the last month of spring, I am doing a Spring Favourites to talk about all the things I loved between March and May. I hope you enjoy! I will post again probably early July when school is officially over!


Dan + Shay are my favourite country duo and they recently released their new singles Speechless, All To Myself, and Alone Together. I am so obsessed with all of them! I can't wait for their album coming out next month.😄😄😄 

Bloom by Troye Sivan is a catchy, fun song that's perfect for spring and summer. I absolutely love Troye's music. If you haven't listened to him before, you have to check him out. You will not be disappointed.  

I recently watched Forever My Girl which I talk about below in the movies section. When I heard the song, Enough in the trailer last year I fell in love. I couldn't wait to hear the full version. It's such a lovely country song sung by someone who doesn't even identify as a singer! Alex Roe has a voice like honey and I would love it if he released more songs. 

Wafia has been a rediscovery for me this month. I've been loving Love Somebody with Ta-ku, Heartburn, and 83 days. Spotify recommended her songs to me and I'm so glad I stopped to listen. This is the type of music I love so much. I've heard of Wafia before when I listened to her cover of Let Me Love You and I was obsessed with her voice then just as I am now. Love her songs so much!

I have been hearing Mine by Bazzi played repeatedly on every single radio station. I was annoyed every single time I heard it. However, one day I stopped to listen and I actually liked it! He has a really nice voice and I absolutely love the chorus. I 've been playing it so much and humming it around the house. It's so catchy! 

Another catchy song! One Kiss by Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris is a bop for the summer. If you have read previous blog posts of mine you would know I love Dua Lipa and this song is no exception. I have nothing bad to say about it! 

Alina Baraz is an old favourite of mine. I noticed that she had released a new album while browsing the new music on iTunes. I am so glad I gave it a listen because I love her new album. It also made me become re-obsessed with Urban Flora, her album with Galimatias. My favourite songs from Urban Flora are all of them LOL! My favourite songs from The Colour of You are: Coming to My Senses, The One feat. Jada, Yours, and Electric feat. Khalid

I had been listening to an R&B playlist on Spotify when I came across ELIZA. I had heard of Eliza Doolittle before but it seems she dropped the last name and is reinventing her sound and I love it. When I heard Livid I instantly loved it so I decided to check out Wide Eyed Fool and just...wow. I am definitely going to keep an eye out for her album because these two songs are incredible. 

TV Shows:

The show is about a very successful woman, Abby O'Brien who divorces her husband and takes a trip back home to Chesapekae Shores, taking her two daughters with her. She is confronted with all the people from her past--including her high school sweetheart. She begins to realize that her high-pressure job is taking away a lot of valuable time she could be spending with family and considers moving back home. This decision helps restarts relationships and give Abby the break she's been needing. 

When I was in Jamaica back in March I had American Netflix. Chesapeake Shores used to be on Canadian Netflix but they got rid of it before I could watch it. I finally got the chance to watch it and I loved both Seasons 1 and 2! I can't believe I finished it because I didn't think I was going to between doing homework and travelling. It is such a wonderful show and I can't wait for season 3 which they are filming right now in Vancouver!


Liam Page, a country superstar, returns to his hometown of Louisiana after eight years. Liam left his high school sweetheart, Josie, at the altar for fame and fortune in the music industry. He tries to reconnect with those he left behind like his father and Josie. He begins to realize what he missed while he was gone and the price he paid for notoriety. However, a surprise is waiting back home that could change his life forever. This is a story about love, family, and second chances. 

Forever My Girl has landed on my favourite movie list! This movie made me feel like I was on cloud 9. It's so cute and funny and the drama!! It was so excellent. And yes, the plot is not super original but it's a cliche I love and these actors portrayed these characters and told this story so beautifully. The country music aspect also sold me. If you are in the mood for a heart-warming romance, then Forever My Girl is the one for you. 

Elle and Lee have been best friends since birth. Lee's older brother, Noah has constantly picked on Lee his whole life. Elle is the only person Lee has to himself since his brother always gets everything he wants. To avoid Elle being taken away from him, Lee and Elle make a set of rules that both besties must follow. The most important one is that Noah is off limits. However, Elle and Noah begin to like each other and they are not sure if they can keep Lee out of the dark much longer.

The Kissing Booth is soooooo cute! It's obviously another cliche: falling in love with the best friend's brother. But I still loved it! I already watched it twice and I'm contemplating a third time after I finish my exams LOL! There was TONS of drama, bouts of laughter, and cuteness overload!! I can't recommend this enough if you are in the mood for an awesome teen flick. 


I went shopping with my parents a few weeks ago and we decided to go to the NYX store because it's my favourite besides Indigo. We were in there for so long looking and trying on their new collection. I just couldn't leave empty handed. I got NYX Shimmer Down Lip Veil in Sweet Mama (left) and the Duo Chromatic Lipstick in Bless (right). I am absolutely obsessed with holographic things and glitter so when I saw these my brain went into overdrive. They are GORGEOUS!!! I wear both to school everyday (lipstick first and then the lip veil on top). I think I need to go back to buy more colours from this collection! 😍😍😍

My mom recently bought this beautiful nail polish by Sinful Colours called Let Me Go. I kept this polish on for weeks even though I should have taken it off after a week but it was just so pretty! Right now my nails are coated with Essie's Viva Antigua but as soon as this week is up I am painting my nails with Sinful Colours. It is a gorgeous iridescent purple-y blue and makes your nails look holographic. Sensing a trend LOL! You have to buy this nail polish. It is truly the kind that looks good against any skin tone. 

My bought Bath and Body Works' new fragrance Chamomile & Honey and we are both obsessed. The notes are steam-distilled natural chamomile oil, fresh bergamot, sweet honeysuckle & white cedarwood. It is the perfect spring smell. It's like you just took a visit to a local flower garden. I'm in love. I also wear Black Raspberry Vanilla on alternating days which is an oldie but a goodie. The notes are Vine-Ripened Blackberries, Vanilla Orchid, and Creamy Sandalwood. This one is a nice juicy and sweet and perfect for warm sunny days!

Thank you so much for reading today's blog post! Sorry for the inactivity. I'm hoping to rectify that soon since summer is fast approaching. I'll see you in late June/early July! 

love xena


  1. 'Hang in there babes, it will be 'ova in a flash, last few of push, push, push and then freeeedom! haha. I'm loving lots here and have added 'Bloom' by Troye to my walking music. Thanks! Can't wait to test that Nyx's chromatic lipstick, it looks light, breezy and summer-perfect. I watched the Kissing Booth after you suggested it a few weeks ago and laughed so much-- really cute. Post when you can and no rush, we'll always stop by to read and catch up. I've been enjoying The Weeknd with Daft Punk - I Feel It Coming... because it is. :) Happy school year wrap up. Almost there! Love you! xo

    1. I know girl. I can almost taste freedom. You would love the NYX; it doesn't feel sticky or anything. Feels like water. I'm glad you like my recommendations! Love you Sutzy noodle boo!


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