I ♡ Autumn!

Autumn is here! I saw these trees outside and I just couldn't miss this photo op. The leaves are changing into gorgeous hues of bright red, buttery golden yellow, vibrant green, and amber orange. I also took some pictures of these beautiful purple flowers that caught my eye. I just need to find out what they are--they're the perfect shade of purple! I hope you enjoy scrolling through the pictures that I took. Also, comment below your favourite thing about autumn--whether it's something you like to do, eat, or wear. Have a Happy Friday and a fabulous weekend!  

love xena


  1. Oh nice! I love these outdoor fall captures Xee; the natural wilds get my attention every time. Favorite thing about Autumn for me is actually the slower and quieter, relaxed and reserved vibe that embraces this time of the year, and the introspective feeling of closure as we begin the wrap up of another 12-month cycle. xx

    1. Yes I know what you mean, I love it too. Thanks for commenting! Love you xx


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