Winter Essentials

Happy Sunday! I know that my blogging schedule has been a bit off this past week but I'm going back to posting on Fridays. Right now it's extremely cold where I live so I thought I'd make a seasonal post of my favourite things in winter. I hope you enjoy this post and try out these items for yourself. Have a wonderful day and lovely week! 

Winter Decor:
If you saw my Fall Essentials post you will notice that I have switched out that decor and put up some winter decor. Unfortunately, I can't link the garland because I bought it last year and I don't think Michaels sells it anymore. Definitely check the store to see if they have anything similar. They have really nice garlands and you can get other winter decor there too. I also changed out the fall pictures on my D.I.Y garland and clipped some winter pictures I printed from Pinterest

I recently went to Aerie which is American Eagle's store for girls. They sell underwear, pajamas, bras, and more. This is one of my favourite stores because they have very comfortable clothing and underwear. They also have models of all different sizes on their website and posters which is really nice to see as well. I needed new pajama bottoms since my old ones don't fit me anymore. This one is my favourite design because it has cute polar bears on it--plus it's warm and cozy. 

I also love their socks. They are so thick and warm and I have so many pairs because I always ask for them for my birthday and Christmas. Mine is a different colour than this one because I got mine last year but it's the same style. Perfect for bed and with winter boots. 

I also wear an eye mask to bed on weekends since I sleep later and I don't want the sun in my eye to wake me up. I got mine at Zara Home and it does the job. They don't have the exact one I have anymore but they have other really nice colours. I recommend wearing eye masks on weekends so you can have a better and longer sleep without feeling half awake. *hibernates like a bear zzzzz*

This is a must during the winter. This is one of my favourite drinks besides tea as I don't like the taste of coffee. My favourite brand of hot chocolate is Carnation Rich and Creamy (true to its title). I put 3-4 spoons of it (I know that's a lot but I'm addicted to sugar) in my Natur-a Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk that I warm in the microwave for 1 minute. I bought my mug at Winners for $5.00 and it's my favourite mug ever. The art on it is so pretty and vintage-looking and I love drinking tea and hot chocolate out of it. 

I went Bath and Body Works crazy for winter and bought 3 candles. They had so many deals that I just had to be apart of them. I got my favourite seasonal scent Winter, which smells like there's actual snow falling in your house...seriously. It makes the air so crisp and cool and just freshens your room. I am going to burn this one in January because around Christmas I like to burn warm, sweet candles. If I were to recommend any scent it would be this one. It makes a great gift as well, for boys and girls as it's a very gender-neutral scent. 

I also have Marshmallow Fireside which is such a cozy and warm scent. It smells slightly sweet but not overpowering. I've been burning it in my room recently and just sets the perfect tone for reading. 

Hot Cocoa & Cream... I found out about this from Bren who does candle reviews on Youtube. I love her videos so much and I trust her opinion. She was talking about this candle in one of her videos and the notes (decadent milk chocolate, fresh steamed milk, mini marshmallows) is what caught my attention. Trust me when I say this smells exactly like the title and is my favourite candle of all time. Unfortunately, they had this crazy sale for candles online and in-store so they no longer sell this candle *cries*. When not if but when they bring it out next year, I'm definitely buying it (I refuse to believe they won't bring it out next year because it did so well in stores).    

Watching my favourite movies during break is probably one of my favourite things to do. As you can probably tell I love romance, drama, and comedies. The movies above are Love, Rosie (watch this if you want a cute, friends to lovers type of romance), Endless Love (watch this if you want an epic romance filled with tons of drama), and Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging (watch this if you want a relatable teen romantic comedy--you'll laugh a ton watching this one). I'm not much of a Christmas movie lover (besides The Grinch lol). If you are looking for a good movie on Netflix I recently watched In-Lawfully Yours and it is so hilarious. It is a romantic comedy that is faith-based and I enjoyed it sooo much. Check out these movies if you are interested (my personal fav is Love, Rosie).

My Own Fireplace:
This is a bit random but I love turning on my TV to the fireplace channel and listening to the crackling embers whilst I read. Fireplace + Burning Candles + Reading a Book + Wearing Cozy Socks = Best. Combination. Ever. 

Even though I'm not a huge Christmas movie fan, I love listening to Christmas music. I found this song last week and I've been obsessed with it since. It's called Home for the Holiday by Sugar & The Hi Lo's. I love the indie/folk genre and this is like Christmas and indie folk mixed together which is why I love it so much. I hope you like it!

love xena


  1. I love the winter-themed candles. Could never handle an eye mask for dear life, as much as I tried... even after watching the movie, 'Overboard' with Goldie Hawn. Felt trapped in some way under them although I was not at all tied up. The need for that totally free feeling reigned true. Merry Christmas babes! xx

    1. You're so funny! Merry Christmas see you on Sunday ;)


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