What A Great Weekend!

Sorry for the delayed post! I didn't want to to post on Friday since I was going to the Dan + Shay concert this past Sunday. It was sooo incredible and I had the best time. I went with my Aunt Gigi to the Danforth Music Hall and waited for over an hour in the snow for the doors to open. We had balcony seats which were very nice and had amazing acoustics. Only thing that was not so great about our seats was that we weren't super up close to Dan and Shay ;(. That's okay though because I still had a really great time. I also bought something from their merchandise line. It's a super soft, comfortable, and warm sweatshirt with the lyrics: "You look good in the light but I wanna see you in the dark." This is from their song Already Ready which is one of my favorites. They sound so incredible live and sound exactly the way they do on their album Obsessed. The video above is them singing "From the Ground Up" which is their most popular song and the one by which I actually discovered them. It was played on The Bachelorette and I fell in love since it was during Luke <3 and Jojo's hometown date. I hope you enjoy the little snippet above and enjoyed this post. Definitely check out Dan + Shay if you haven't already because they are so talented and deserve more fans. I hope you had a great day and have a great week!

love xena


  1. So happy you both had a great time. Nice tunes. An hour in the snow is not so, so bad. :) Did you make a snowman while waiting? And I'm going to borrow that cute shirt. Happy weekend too babes. xx

    1. No, I almost turned into the snowman lol. And you might have some trouble squeezing into my shirt :) love you xx


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