Cinnamon Vanilla French Toast

Hello guys! Today, I really wanted to post a recipe since it's been a long time since I've done so. I've been making french toast every Sunday for the past few weeks for my family and I and anyone I make this recipe for says it's the best french toast they've ever had! This year I've been practicing a lot and have tried different ingredients and techniques to create the most fluffy and decadent french toast breakfast. And now I have finally found the perfect recipe! So, I thought I would share it with you to make it for yourself and your family. It's pretty simple with very easy steps to follow. Just remember to watch the pan and flip every so often and they'll turn out great! So, if you are interested in trying this than keep on reading to find out the utensils and ingredients you will need. 


- 1 slice of white bread or brioche, cut in half* 
- 1 egg*
- Ground cinnamon 
- Table cream (doesn't matter which type you use--any will work since all this does is give it a richer flavour)
- Olive oil
- Vanilla extract 
- Margarine or butter  
- Icing sugar (this is not mandatory, it's just for presentation purposes)
- Maple syrup (I recommend Mrs. Butterworth's Original Syrup--it's thick and sweet and the best syrup I've ever tried) 

* (this is for one serving so if you want to make more, you will need more eggs and bread slices for this recipe).


- Spatula
- Fork or Egg beater
- Paring Knife (I didn't even know the technical name for this until I asked my aunt but most likely you have this knife at home; you normally use it for cutting fruits)
- Butter Knife
- Bowl
- Frying pan
- Plate


i. Oil your frying pan on medium heat so the pan is already hot when the slices are ready and battered. Cut your bread slice into half and put it to the side for now. Crack your egg into the bowl and beat it using a fork or egg beater. Pour a little bit more than a cap-sized amount of table cream and vanilla extract into the egg mixture. Now, take your bread slices one at a time and dunk them into the mixture for 10 seconds on each side so the bread will soak up the mixture properly. Now that the bread slices are wet, shake some cinnamon on both sides to add a nice, rich, and warm flavour. The cinnamon also makes it look more authentic so I would not skip this step. 

ii. Place your battered bread slices onto the oiled frying pan and wait about 30-40 seconds and flip to the other side. Continue this until it looks nice and toasty and place onto your plate.

iii. Now, take your butter knife and spread some margarine or butter onto your slices to add some flavour and soften the texture. Add a pinch of icing sugar and sprinkle it on both slices. Drizzle as much maple syrup as you desire onto your french toast and voila! You have just made the perfect french toast recipe. 

Enjoy your meal and tell me how yours came out in the comment section below. I hope you had a great week, have a Happy Friday, and a wonderful weekend. 

love xena


  1. Hi Xe. Your French toast was delicious. Can't wait for the next time that you make it for me. Mama

  2. Miss Xena, Hello there. I'm loving that French Toastie of yours and can't wait for next weekend. Breakfast in bed? Oui, oui. lol Have a great week babes! xx

    1. Helloooo Mr. Travis ;* Lol I'll for sure make it for you next time you come around. Love you babes xx


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