Weekly Favourites #3


If you have been keeping up with my posts then you would know that I've been binge-reading the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. I am currently on the fourth book, Queen of Shadows, and I have high hopes for this since I've heard countless times that it's the best book in the entire series so far. This series is perfect for anyone who loves romance, fantasy, or young adult. I don't want to share the summary of this book because I don't want to spoil anything. If you are interested in this series then definitely pick it up. It's a good one!


One of my favourite singers, Birdy, released a new song recently along with Sigma. I love how they sound together--with Birdy's beautiful and strong voice mixed with the electric rhythm and beats of the track. Birdy is an indie/folk singer so it's nice to hear her try out different styles of music. I also had to mention this song because Millie Bobby Brown is the video! If you don't know who Millie is, she starred as Eleven in Stranger Things, which is an amazing Netflix original series that I talked about in my first Weekly Favourites post. She displays so much emotion in this video and the way they filmed it worked so well with the song. Definitely watch the video that I linked above and you will fall in love with this song and Birdy as well.   


♪ Where you lead, I will follow  
♪ Anywhere that you tell me to ♪
♪ If you need, you need me to be with you ♪
♪ I will follow where you lead ♪

I am so excited for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life!!! Earlier this year I finished the entire Gilmore Girls series and I fell in love with this show and all of it's original and unique characters. I am so looking forward to seeing how Rory's and Lorelai's lives have changed in the past ten years since the show has ended. I hope to see Rory with Jess (yes, I am on #TeamJess), Lorelai and Luke, Emily, Lane and Zach's kids, as well as, Sookie and Jackson and their kids. I just really want to see the whole gang and what stages of life they are in. I hope this mini-series will gives us Gilmore Girls fans the spectacular conclusion we wish for to this wonderful, witty, and original show.


I'm always pinning and creating new boards on my Pinterest account. Recently, I've added 5 new boards and I wanted to share my favourite one. I always find beautiful pictures and quotes on Pinterest that I just don't know where to place in the boards I've made. I created this one for this exact reason. Any picture I don't know where to put usually ends up here. I just love how it's so colourful and all over the place. It is really a creative space that I love looking through to get ideas or inspiration.

love xena


  1. Really, really love today's post Xeens and it's such a blast of energy. 'Love the new song 'Find Me' with the great blend of voices. Eleven is so grown up now... can't wait for the new season next year. And yes, I am all ready for tonight with Gilmore Girls. Your inspiration board is gorgeous-- that Marchesa Spring 2017 is killing me--- i need it! lol Happy weekend babes, love you xx.

    1. Thanks so much girl! Millie is growing up so nicely and next season looks very promising with the new added characters. I am going to watch the first episode of Gilmore Girls tonight and I can't wait!!! I'll tell you what I think. And I know...that dress is sooo gorgeous. Love you babes xx


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