July Favourites

Hello everyone! Today's post is a short one because I haven't done much this month. July has been a month of relaxation after a long and busy school year. It's been really nice to have my own agenda and wake up whenever I want. With that said, I hope to post more frequently because I have lots of new content that I want to share with you. Anyways, let's get into my July favourites. 


As I mentioned in my last post, I have been anxiously awaiting Dan and Shay's self-titled album. The songs I mentioned in that post are still songs I love listening to but when the album dropped and I heard the other songs.... I fell even more in love. My top three favourites from their album are What Keeps You Up At Night, My Side of the Fence, and Island Time

The Paper Kites is a group I talked about in a previous blog post and since then have released new music. They released On The Train Ride Home in April and more recently released the first single Deep Burn Blue off their second album, On The Corner Where You Live. I love every single song I've heard so far. They explore a new sound in these albums than their last, twelvefour. Twelvefour is more indie rock while On The Train Ride Home and On The Corner Where You Live is definitely more mellow indie folk. I can't wait until the rest of On The Corner Where You Live is released in September. 

TV Show:

Dawson's Creek is a show I started four years ago and this summer I've finally gotten around to rewatching it. I'm currently on season 5 and I love this show so much. I love teen drama series and this one is so great. The friendships, families, and relationships are so touching. I'm excited to see how the story contiunes in season 5 and how it comes to a close in season 6. 


I've been making what I call the Deluxe Egg Brioche most mornings. It consists of two brioche bread slices, spreadable Laughing Cow cheese, half a mashed avocado, and a fried egg on top seasoned with salt and pepper. It fills me up for hours and is wonderfully delicious and nutritious. It's done in under 15 minutes and is a really great way to start the morning. 
My mom was dying to go to the Lindt store and the day we went they were having a promotion. We decided to try one of their new flavours, Blueberries and Cream. This. Is. My. New. Favourite. Flavour. It's creamy and melts in your mouth. The white chocolate and gourmand blueberry flavour is mouth-watering. If you haven't tried this, YOU MUST!  


I've been burning these two candles all summer because they are my go-to scents for summer. If you haven't read my 6 Things I'm Looking Forward To This August, I mentioned that I'm going to start making candle reviews on my blog. I'm very excited to share new content on the blog since candles are one of my favourite things. 

Watermelon Lemonade is perfect for hot summer days and smells fruity and refreshing. The notes for this candle are Watermelon Ice, Sparkling Water, and Meyer Lemon. Summer Boardwalk is the perfect summer to autumn transition candle. It has the warm caramel smell of fall and the salty popcorn smell of summer. I burn this the most in August and September before whipping out the fall candles. The notes for this candle are Caramel-Glazed Popcorn, Warm Taffy-Apples, and Salty Sweet Cream. Summer is almost over but definitely pick up Summer Boardwalk for August/September. 

New 'Do!

Yes, you are seeing right! I cut my hair a month ago and got rid of most of my heat damaged straight ends. For a year now I've been working towards this haircut by not using heat and using natural products. I'm so happy with my new curly hair. I've never felt so confident and happy with myself. I'm so happy I finally embraced the hair that God gave me. It's been the best decision I've made. If you are thinking about going natural, I would definitely say to take the plunge. It's such a fun journey figuring out what works for your hair. In this picture I used Lush R&B Hair Moisturizer, Camille Rose Curl Love Moisture Milk, Lush Hair Custard, and Jojoba oil. My hair feels soft and smells amazing for days. I'll definitely do a blog post talking about great hair products if you would like!

I hope you enjoyed today's post. I will see you soon with new content. Have a great day and rest of the week!

 love xena


  1. Thanks for doing that thing-y for me babes. Your deluxe egg brioche looks delish; I'll be sleeping over soon for a taste of that. :) And must have a salted caramel popcorn candle for Fall weather soon. As for Lindt's newest chocolate, yes please. Got some and it's all that! Lovely post as usual. See you soon. xx

    1. Yes girlie! It sure is delish. The candle is the bomb.com and so is the Lindt chocolate. Thanks sutzy! See you.


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